Share your passion for camp & retreat ministries and your love for the people of your faith community in this unique opportunity of service!

What is a Trinity Connector?

Trinity Presbytery Connectors are those individuals designated by their local congregation to serve as a liaison, communicator, and mission interpreter between their church and CMC/Camp Fellowship, and Fellowship Camp & Conference Center!

A church may designate one or more individuals to serve.  Some congregations may wish to designate a committee chair (mission and/or education, for example) or another individual with a passion for camp and retreat ministries and the benefits that come to the local congregation with a strong and supportive camp and retreat ministry.

Connectors receive early-release information and other incentives for their support in connecting ministries of congregation and camp.  

Connectors agree to:

  • advocate for the benefits of camp and retreat ministry in their local context
  • interpret the mission and ministry of Camp Fellowship, Fellowship Camp & Conference Center and Camping Ministries of the Carolinas, Inc
  • share information about events and programs offered by Fellowship that seek to strengthen Christian formation and discipleship ministries
  • reflect the needs and desires of their local context as relate to camping and retreat ministries to the staff and board of Fellowship/CMC

Connectors commit to:

  • attend at least one face-to-face training/sharing event annually, either at the camp or in other locations around the presbytery
  • receive information via email and US Mail and share with their community
  • keep in contact with camp/retreat staff and board members to assure good communication
  • receive as a gift an open invitation to visit our site and participate in programs with special incentives applied to registration and fees



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