Summer 2019: Peace Works



Peace is something we wish to others as a blessing. Every culture has its own words and stories to describe peace and the work it requires. Scripture is filled with these stories, and camp is the perfect place to share them. Peace is not easy, but worth the effort because we know that peace works.




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Traveling Day Camp / K-6th

Eastminster Pres. (Greenville, SC): TBD
Faith Pres. (Williamston, SC): TBD
Mt. Zion (Sandy Springs, SC): TBD
Forest Lake Pres. (Columbia, SC): July 28-Aug 2

Traveling Day Camp is a new initiative that brings the experiential fun, fellowship and learning of Fellowship’s Summer Camp to YOUR site!  This is a week-long program designed to enrich the lives of children and youth, while also providing outreach opportunities for church congregations.




Day Camp / K-6th
Dates: June 10-14 / July 28-Aug 2

Day Camp is a great way to introduce new campers to the camping experience.  Day Camp runs Monday-Friday from 9:00am – 5:00pm. 
NEW: Day campers are invited to spend the night on Thursday night to get a feel for what residential camp is like. Spending the night is not required, but encouraged.


Tier 1: $195
Tier 2: $225
Tier 3: $250


Pioneer / K-3rd
Dates: June 16-21 / June 23-28 / *June 30-July 3 /
July 7-12 / July 14-19 / July 21-26

Ready to spend the night away from home for a whole week? This 5-night camp is for you! You will get take part in arts & crafts, canoeing, hiking, tubing. archery, rock climbing and many more! Since you're staying the whole week, you'll also get to cookout over a fire and participate in the Infamous Camp Fellowship Talent Show!
*Note: June 30-July 3 is a mini-week.


Tier 1: $525
Tier 2: $575
Tier 3: $595


Pathfinder / 4th-5th
Dates: June 16-21 / June 23-28 / *June 30-July 3 /
July 7-12 / July 14-19 / July 21-26

Hey 4th and 5th graders! We've taken all of our classic camp activities and upped the ante just for you! You will enjoy many classic camp activities (canoeing, low ropes, hiking, swimming, arts & crafts, Bible study) while taking to the water and trails to experience more advanced adventures! 
*Note: June 30-July 3 is a mini-week.


Tier 1: $540
Tier 2: $585
Tier 3: $625


Discovery / 6th-8th
Dates: June 16-21 / June 23-28 / *June 30-July 3 /
July 7-12 / July 14-19 / July 21-26

The Discovery program will engage you on-site at Camp Fellowship as you learn the ins and outs, the whys and the “how tos” of our activities - paddling, sailing, camping and outdoor skills, the tricks to building the perfect campfire and even eating your own camp-fire creations! This program is perfect for campers looking for a classic camp experience.
*Note: June 30-July 3 is a mini-week.


Tier 1: $550
Tier 2: $595
Tier 3: $625


Friends / Teen-Adult
Dates: July 14-19

Friends Camp is designed just for our friends with special needs who need a specially structured environment.  Campers with mild to moderate mental and physical challenges spend the week in our air-conditioned facilities during this adapted camp experience. Each Friends Camper is invited to bring a Caregiver along with them for a little R&R with all of the fun activities of camp at a “just right” pace. Please contact the Associate Director, Emily Kienker, for more information.


Tier 1: $525
Tier 2: $575
Tier 3: $595


LIT / 9th-12th
Dates: June 16-21 / June 23-28 / July 7-12 / July 14-19 /
July 21-26

Leader In Training is a program initiative aimed at providing quality leadership education, mentoring, and training for high school you who are: (1) potential candidates for summer staff positions at Camp Fellowship in the future; and (2) desiring opportunities to learn, lead and grow in their callings as Christ's Disciples. High school students are encouraged to participate in one or more weeks of the LIT program. Please contact the Associate Director, Emily Kienker, for further information.

Please download and submit the LIT Questionnaire to  You can also complete this questionnaire during registration in the online portal.


Tier 1: $300
Tier 2: $325
Tier 3: $350



NEW! Music, Arts, Drama & Dance

more information coming SOON!


Art Camp
Elementary / 2nd-5th
Middlers / 6th-8th
Dates: June 24-29 / July 15-20

Elementary: Learn the basics of what it means to be an artist! You’ll draw, paint, sculpt, and tie dye masterpieces to take home with you.
Middlers: Step up your art game this week by making amazing masterpieces in sessions of fused glass, candle making, metal works, and more! (additional $25 materials fee)

*Art Campers will also join in all of the activities of our traditional camp program.


Tier 1: $510
Tier 2: $560
Tier 3: $620

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Wind & Water
Middlers / 6th-8th
Dates: June 23-28 / July 21-26

Sr. Highs / 9th-12th
Dates: June 23-28 / July 21-26

Middlers: Campers will learn paddling skills and orienteering skills in multiple types of water vessels - canoes, kayaks, paddle boards, and sailing! Middlers will have the opportunity to sail or paddle to a lunch destination at the end of the week.
Sr. Highs: Take your knowledge to a greater depth! Sr. High campers will take a refresher course in paddling & orienteering skills and then participate in a special trip down the Saluda River. 

Please note: campers in this program must be comfortable IN AND ON open water.


Tier 1: $675
Tier 2: $725
Tier 3: $775


Night Owl / 6th-9th
Dates: June 23-28 / July 21-26

Like to stay up late?  Then you're going to LOVE our new NIGHT OWL Camp!  Stay up late and sleep in the next morning!  Breakfast is lunch, lunch is dinner, and dinner will be prepared over the campfire at night!

You'll still get to hang with our traditional campers and enjoy all the great activities of camp throughout the day, but once the sun goes down, the glow sticks will come out and a whole new camp experience will light up the night!


Tier 1: $625
Tier 2: $675
Tier 3: $725

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Base Camp / 6th-9th
Dates: June 14-19

Base Camp campers will spend the week exploring nature, learning about orienteering, paddling, camping, and outdoor skills, all while sleeping in tents and hammocks! A special overnight hiking trip to the other side of camp will be planned by the campers and their counselors. 


Tier 1: $635
Tier 2: $675
Tier 3: $695


High Adventure / 9th-12th
Dates: July 14-19

The High Adventure program is for older campers looking for thrill-seeking experience! They will spend two nights camping out where they will learn outdoor skills, hike, cook over a campfire, and participate in local ropes course elements. 


Tier 1: $695
Tier 2: $735
Tier 3: $785


Amazing (g)Race / 7th-12th
Dates: June 7-12

A new program for mature campers looking to work as a team and think on their feet! Amazing (g)Racers will take off-site day trips and participate in a series of quests to receive clues and rewards. Off-site trips may include a attending a baseball game, completing a ropes course, helping in a soup kitchen, hiking, and a horse trail ride. (fee includes lodging, meals, and program)


Tier 1: $735
Tier 2: $765
Tier 3: $800